KAYSVILLE, UT – May 9, 2014 -— Grant Victor LLC today announced its wholly owned subsidiary, eGlobal LLC, has acquired the assets of The Best There Is Inc. (T.B.T.I.). Based in Boca Raton, Florida, T.B.T.I. provides ATM services to a number of large hospitality properties around the country. This transaction was signed and closed on May 5, 2014.

T.B.T.I. and eGlobal have shared a long-term relationship within the ATM industry. Collectively, they have partnered on a number of large hospitality and retail customers. “Bringing these contracts into a direct relationship with eGlobal makes a lot of sense to us and our clients,” said Melanie Orozco, General Manager and EVP of eGlobal. This expansion further differentiates eGlobal as an industry leader.

About eGlobal

eGlobal (www.eGlobal.com), a Grant Victor company, delivers specialized ATM solutions to merchants, distributor partners, and financial institutions, enabling and enhancing services they provide to their customers. eGlobal consults with hospitality clients on optimal ATM placement for every location, depending on property type, seasonality, and traffic-flow patterns. Four of the ten largest hotel groups in the world choose eGlobal as their preferred ATM vendor.