Our Six Core Values

Grant Victor lives and breathes by six core values. These homegrown principles came into being only after long and thoughtful deliberation.

Our values do not exist by prescription or by pretension; they are here to guide our everyday thoughts and actions as Grant Victor Associates. They remind us of what we believe to be the essential elements for being good people conducting good business. They articulate and guide our company character.

Committed to Each Other’s Future

Our thinking and behavior will be guided by a commitment to our Core Values. We all share in the responsibility of making GV a great workplace. We will promote a spirit of unity throughout GV—for we know that we can accomplish more collectively than individually. GV is committed to providing Associates with a quality work environment, competitive compensation/benefits package, specialized training, and adequate resources to achieve common objectives. Associates are individually committed to enhancing their skills, acquiring advanced training and education and performing at their best. We do not take things for granted or support the notion of “entitlements.” Rather, we share respect and gratitude for each other and opportunities provided.

Honesty is Our Policy

We recognize that great people exhibit, and great companies are founded upon, honesty and integrity. We will approach every opportunity and every decision with honest intentions. We will demonstrate honesty and integrity in each interaction with customers, suppliers and fellow Associates.

Getting It Done Right

We are empowered to accomplish fully the objectives set forth by GV. We are passionate about working hard both physically and mentally as we fulfill these objectives. We acknowledge that accomplishing key objectives requires steady, and often strenuous, effort. We focus precisely on every tiny detail throughout the process—and never leave unfinished, loose ends. We believe that the process and the end result must meet “Raving Fan” approval.

Create the Vision, Innovate with Precision

We will introduce and implement innovative ideas to enhance the customer experience and to improve operational efficiencies. We will be innovative and fluid in our approach, so we can continue to win the loyalty of our customers, adjust with the market and industry changes, remain profitable as a company and be a world-class leader in our industry.  Innovative ideas will be implemented with clearly executed precision. We will listen to each other and to our customers—for we acknowledge that there are many valuable sources of innovative ideas. We will promote a high level of entrepreneurialism. Innovation will be nurtured and rewarded within a culture of discipline where actions are deliberate and calculated.

Rolling Out the Red for Customers

We are passionate about having customers feel special in their interactions with GV. We will be responsive, create positive resolutions (saying “yes”) and perform beyond expectations to create “Raving Fan” customers. We consistently will deliver the “wows” that turn a normal transaction into a memorable experience. We always will represent GV in a professional way. We recognize that our definition of “customer” includes all business partner relationships. We will give up short-term gains in order to build long-term relationships. GV will be very selective in doing business with Associates and business partners that can consistently support this philosophy.

We Make Safety Happen

We are committed to ensuring safety on every level. This includes safeguarding the well-being of Associates and customers, as well as safeguarding company financial resources, physical facilities, industry reputation and other areas of confidentiality, such as customer data. We manage potential risks and act accordingly to reduce possible threats. We continually will evaluate and improve safety measures in all aspects of the work environment.