Facilitating Financial Transactions in the Consumer Marketplace.

Grant Victor is the foremost retail-style, and financial-style ATM service and solutions provider in North America. As a leader in the industry, we wholly own four strategic business units (SBUs), each specializing in separate market segments. Combined, these companies facilitate access and convenience to cash across the entire consumer marketplace.

  • ATM placement
  • ATM managed services
  • Transaction processing
  • Industry-leading service
  • Component level repairs
  • Retail ATM sales
  • Bank & Credit Union ATMs
  • ATM monitoring & alerts
  • ATM supplies
  • 24/7 customer care

Nautilus Hyosung

Grant Victor is a considerable and valued marketing and distribution channel for our products and services in the United States. Their organization aligns closely with our high commitment standards of quality distinction, value added and service excellence. They continue to provide innovative and convincing solutions and benefits to the ATM industry.

Charlie Jung
Charlie Jung President and CEO


I have had the privilege of working with the Grant Victor companies for over 6 years and have seen their ascent in the ATM industry. From the top-notch sales crew to the clean and well-organized facility, I have seen firsthand that the Grant Victor companies operate efficiently and with customer service always a priority. With honesty and integrity, they work to provide superior service to all aspects of the ATM industry, and it is this foundation that has led them to be a successful organization and driving force within the industry.

Wes Dunn
Wes Dunn VP of Sales and Marketing


I have been privileged to do business with the Grant Victor companies since their formation.  Their professionalism is only exceeded by their enthusiasm and honesty – all of which have been the driving force that helped them to develop into one of the largest and most trusted companies serving the ATM industry in the US.  A dynamic sales organization combined with purchasing power make Grant Victor a widely recognized force in the ATM industry.

Bill Dunn
Bill Dunn VP Sales


Our strategic relationship with each Grant Victor company has been instrumental to the growth of our business.  We have discovered and enjoy sustainable opportunities from revenue generation to cost efficiencies working together.  The Grant Victor companies are truly industry leaders.

Wayne Vandekraak
Wayne Vandekraak EVP Business Development


Grant Victor is an innovative leader within the ATM industry. We trust their ethics and commitment to serve.

Larry Dunnwald
Larry Dunnwald President