KAYSVILLE, Utah & SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota July 13, 2012—The long-term partnership between OptConnect and ATMIA has led to an agreement where OptConnect will make a generous financial contribution per wireless unit ordered through the ATMIA website towards the U.S. Defense Fund. Having an adequately funded ATMIA U.S. Defense Fund will enable ATMIA to employ the right professional resources to actively work for the benefit of the industry with lawmakers and other organizations including the Department of Justice, the Federal Reserve Board and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

“Every dollar goes a long way, so we encourage anyone who is interested in taking part in the benefits of wireless for ATMs to order OptConnect using the order form found on the ATMIA website,” said Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. “We hope this will be a great opportunity to further the growth of OptConnect in support of their generosity.”

Information about how to participate in this contribution effort can be found on the ATMIA website at https://www.atmia.com/regions-united-states/united-states/.

OptConnect, a leading provider of wireless solutions for ATMs in the United States, has been an active member and sponsor of the ATMIA and the U.S. Defense Fund for several years.

“We are very grateful for the relationship we’ve had with ATMIA over the years and the efforts they’ve made to help ensure a thriving ATM industry,” said Chris Baird, Executive Vice President of OptConnect. “We’ve seen the positive impact that the U.S. Defense Fund has made with ATM Operators, and look forward to many more years of a prosperous ATM industry.”

OptConnect offers all-inclusive rate plans with an unlimited lifetime warranty and with monthly rates as low as $19.99 with no upfront purchase costs.

OptConnect wireless benefits for ATM operators include:

  • Cost Savings. OptConnectwireless service plans can cut the total costs of communications to as much as half the cost of landlines with no upfront or installation costs.
  • Secure Connectivity. OptConnect wireless gateways can provide reliable and secure connections, superior to traditional landlines.
  • Reliable Technology. Due to its wide coverage and increased data transfer speeds, the OptConnect wireless gateway allows ATMs to be located anywhere—free from the limits of a landline infrastructure.
  • Simple Installation. OptConnect wireless gateways are simple to install for same-day deployment increasing flexibility since ATMs can be deployed and relocated anywhere.
  • Lifetime Warranty. OptConnect offers a lifetime warranty with advance overnight replacement.

About ATMIAThe ATM Industry Association (www.atmia.com) is a global non-profit trade association with over 3,300 members in 60 countries. Its mission is to promote ATM convenience, growth and usage worldwide, protect the ATM industry’s assets, interests, good name and public trust; and provide education, best practices, political voice and networking opportunities for member organizations. ATMIA established the Global ATM Security Alliance (GASA) (www.globalasa.com) with the mission to employ global security resources in a united alliance in order to protect the ATM industry from criminal activity. 

About OptConnect

OptConnect (www.OptConnect.com) is North America’s leading provider of wireless connectivity solutions for ATM machines and is revolutionizing the way ATM machines communicate, providing for fast and secure connectivity, cost savings, greater reliability and mobility.


OptConnect – Chris Baird – (877) 678-3343 or sales@optconnect.com 

ATM Industry Association – Sharon Lane – (605) 271-7371 or sharon@atmia.com