OptConnect Announces Release of OptReboot: Remote Power Management
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eGlobal acquires TBTI.KAYSVILLE, UT November 4, 2014 — OptConnect, a Grant Victor Company, announces the release of the company’s latest innovation, OptReboot. OptReboot is designed to bring power management into the modern era through the use of cloud-based controls to power cycle ATMs, Kiosks, and other machines.

Chris Baird, Executive Vice President of OptConnect noted, "Often when an ATM or Kiosk goes down, the error can be resolved with a simple reboot of the device. OptReboot leverages the cloud to make power cycling devices quicker, easier, and less expensive."

The OptReboot represents the latest in OptConnect’s focus on managed wireless machine communication. Much like OptConnect’s flagship wireless service, OptReboot is designed to save money for those responsible for the management of ATMs and Kiosks.

"If a machine needs to be rebooted, that often means a time consuming trip to the site of the machine, or a costly service call from a technician," noted Steve Garrett, Director of Technical Sales. "The OptReboot saves time and money each time it is used, and gets revenue flowing again."

" OptReboot adds a new layer to traditional remote management systems for ATMs and Kiosks. Reboot functions available in those platforms are limited to software reboots, and are available only when the operating system is responsive," continued Garrett. "OptReboot can be used anytime."

As with OptConnect’s wireless service, OptReboot devices are managed via the OptConnect Portal. As users deploy OptReboot devices to the field, connected hardware can be rebooted with the touch of a button found within the Portal.

"We are excited to bring this product and service to our customers,” said Baird. “OptReboot will provide our customers with a valuable new level of efficiency and convenience."

OptReboot is available for immediate shipment, directly from OptConnect.

About Grant Victor

OptConnect is North America’s leading provider of wireless connectivity for ATMs and is revolutionizing the way ATMs communicate, providing for fast and secure connectivity, cost savings, greater reliability and mobility.

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Grant Victor ,headquartered in Kaysville, Utah, is North America’s foremost ATM Service Provider—facilitating the access and convenience to cash in the consumer marketplace. Grant Victor wholly owns subsidiary companies ATMequipment.com and OptConnect, which combined provide comprehensive ATM services and solutions.

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