OptConnect specializes in providing wireless connectivity solutions for ATMs throughout North America. OptConnect furnishes fast, secure wireless connectivity for ATMs, boosting cost savings, reliability and simplicity for customers.

Cost Savings
Switching from landlines to wireless for ATM portfolios means significant monthly savings in telecommunications—as much as cutting costs in half. A conversion of 200 ATMs can add up quickly to more than $40,000 in savings per year. OptConnect’s wireless data communications subscription costs are nearly half as much as landline connectivity and requires no upfront or installation costs.

Secure Connectivity
OptConnect offers the same reliable and secure connection, traditionally achieved with landlines, using revolutionary wireless technology. Wireless operation on cellular networks enables faster transaction speeds and complete mobility.

Reliable Technology
The OptConnect wireless gateways offer the same reliability as landlines at a much lower cost. Due to the wider coverage, increased data transfer speeds and equipment dependability afforded by wireless service, ATMs, now free from reliance on existing landline infrastructure, can be located anywhere in the world.

Simple Installation
Wireless connectivity allows for same-day ATM deployment, whereas installation of a landline-dependent ATM can encounter a number of delays and added costs. Furthermore, wireless ATMs retain their flexibility after initial deployment and can relocate from one place to another without the expensive hassles of rewiring and reactivation.

Lifetime Warranty
OptConnect offers a lifetime warranty with advance overnight replacement in the rare event of equipment failure.

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