The Grant Victor Way

Deeply rooted in six core values, the Grant Victor culture is one of innovative fluidity that simultaneously embraces strategic growth and converts customers into Raving Fans.

GV rewards entrepreneurial thinking and accountability throughout the entire organization, seeking to empower each and every stakeholder to shape a better future. GV sees strategy not as a set of rules that follow a straight line but rather as the ability to adapt to find the optimal route.

We understand that, in a dynamic environment where change is the only constant, flexibility is not nearly enough to achieve objectives. Fluidity is the key that takes a company from surviving to thriving. The Grant Victor way is to identify opportunities where the rest of the world perceives obstacles—to imagine the future through the lens of creative innovation. When the economy took a downward turn in 2007, GV confronted the challenge head-on by investing in advertising, more employees and competitive benefits. Today, we are proud to have three companies recognized in the Inc. 500 | 5000 of America’s fastest growing private companies.

As North America’s leading provider of retail-style ATM services, sales and solutions, we’re focused on the business of synergistically pursuing opportunities and creating solutions that facilitate the access and the convenience to cash in the consumer marketplace. We continue to improve upon our core competencies, so we not only can lead the pack in our respective niche markets but also seize every chance we can to honor our customers.